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Some of the following publications are available for download as Adobe PDF documents. Download Acrobat Reader.

Energy Use in the U.S. Steel Industry: : A Historical Perspective and Future Opportunities (PDF 432 KB)
Renowned industry expert Dr. John Stubbles has projected the energy savings that the U.S. steel industry could reasonably expect to achieve over the next 10 years. These projections are the subject of a new report from ITP's steel team, Energy Use in the U.S. Steel Industry: An Historical Perspective and Future Opportunities. The report examines the potential impacts of state-of-the-art technologies and operating practices, as well as structural changes in the industry itself.

Steel Industry of the Future Tools & Publications
The Department of Energy's Industrial Technologies Program offers a wide array of publications, videos, software, and other information products for improving energy efficiency in the iron and steel industry.

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Case Studies

The following case studies are available for download as Adobe PDF documents. Download Acrobat Reader.

Steel Industry Case Studies

  • Green Engineering Case Study: Reducing Automobile Emissions and Saving Energy (PDF 4.9 MB)
  • Energy Team Pursues a Wide Range of Projects to Improve Operations at a Steel Plant (PDF 117 KB)
  • Modernization of Controls Improves Productivity and Reduces Energy Costs at a Large Steel Plant (PDF 262 KB)
  • Ongoing Control System Modernization Project at a Steel Plant Improves Operations (PDF 282 KB)
  • Compressed Air System Improvements Increase Production at a Tin Mill (PDF 256 KB)
  • Compressed Air System Optimization Project Improves Production at a Metal Forging Plant (PDF 266 KB)
  • Compressed Air System Overhaul Improves Production at a Powdered Metal Manufacturing Plant (PDF 308 KB)
  • Compressed Air System Upgrade Generates Significant Energy Savings at a Steel Mill (PDF 331 KB)
  • Compressed Air System Upgrade Improves Production at a Steel Mill (PDF 72 KB)
  • Implementing a Compressed Air System Leak Management Program at an Automotive Plant (PDF 316 KB)
  • Improving Steam Turbine Performance at a Steel Mill
    (PDF 122 KB)
  • North Star Plant-Wide Assessment at Wilton, IA (PDF 2.3 MB)
  • Rebuilding Steam Turbine Generator Reduces Costs at a Steel Mill (PDF 190 KB)
  • Reducing BOF Hood Scrubber Energy Costs at a Steel Mill (PDF 453 KB)
  • Using Coke Oven Gas in a Blast Furnace Saves over $6 Million Annually at a Steel Mill (PDF 251 KB)

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Steel Industry of the Future CD-ROM
U.S. steel manufacturers seeking to gain a competitive edge now have a new resource to help them become more energy and process efficient. Steel Industry of the Future: Resources and Tools for Energy Efficiency and Cost Reduction Now, a new CD published by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), provides a wealth of information and tools on technical R&D and best energy management practices. Click on the link above for a more detailed description of the CD and to learn how to obtain a copy.


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