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Modeling China's Semiconductor Industry Fluorinated Compound Emissions and Drafting a Roadmap for Climate Protection. (PDF 101 KB)
14th Annual International Semiconductor Environment Safety & Health (ISESH) Conference in Jeju, Korea (June 2007) presentation by Scott Bartos, U.S. EPA.

Estimating the Impact of Migration to Asian Foundry Production on Attaining the WSC 2010 PFC Reduction Goal. (PDF 458 KB)
11th Annual ISESH Conference in Makuhari, Japan (July 2004) presentation by Scott Bartos, U.S. EPA.

Guidelines for Environmental Characterization of Semiconductor Equipment (PDF 361 KB)
This document provides guidelines for suppliers of semiconductor processing and abatement equipment to characterize their equipment to meet environmental performance goals.

Semiconductor Industry Leadership in Global Climate Protection
By Scott Bartos, EPA.
Published in volume 10 of Future Fab International(2001), this paper provides a general overview of the EPA's PFC Reduction / Climate Partnership for the Semiconductor Industry.

U.S. Voluntary PFC Emission Reduction Partnership for Semiconductors
UNFCCC submission describing EPA's voluntary partnership with the semiconductor industry.

Publications may be accessed by visiting the Partnership's Documents, Tools, and Resources web-page.

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