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Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA)
The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) is the premier trade association representing the U.S. semiconductor industry. Founded in 1977 by five microelectronics innovators, the SIA has grown to include over 100 companies that account for more than 83% of U.S.-based semiconductor production.

The SIA provides a forum for domestic semiconductor companies to work collectively to advance the competitiveness of the $70 billion U.S. chip industry. Through its national and international network of chief executive officers and working committees, the SIA shapes public policy on issues important to the industry and provides a spectrum of services to help its members grow their businesses.

World Semiconductor Council (WSC)
The WSC promotes cooperative semiconductor industry activities to expand international cooperation in the semiconductor sector in order to facilitate the healthy growth of the industry from a long-term, global perspective. WSC activities are undertaken on a voluntary basis and include environmental, health and safety activities. PFC emission reduction has been singled out by the WSC as a high priority.

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