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Pew Center on Global Climate Change
Pew Center brings together major organizations with critical scientific, economic, and technological expertise focused on global climate change and educates the public on associated risks, challenges, and solutions.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
The MIT joint program on the science and policy of global change provides research, independent policy analysis, and public education in global environmental change.

IEA Greenhouse Gas Programme
The IEA greenhouse gas R&D program (IEA GHG) aims to identify and evaluate fossil fuel-based GHG reduction technologies, disseminate results, and identify target technologies for appropriate and practical R&D.

Nature Conservancy
The Nature Conservancy sponsors projects that protect ecosystems and biodiversity, improve local environmental quality, and create economic opportunities for local people in line with the goal of sustainable development.

Environmental Defense
Environmental Defense has worked with companies to establish emissions reduction trading systems through the Partnership for Climate Action (PCA), which also provides a forum for companies to gain further experience with and share knowledge of GHG management.

Imperial College London
The Imperial College London provides research into the use and storage of energy by buildings and how energy may be supplied to buildings in the future, and will also look at methods for verifying emissions from buildings.

Princeton University
Princeton University established the Carbon Mitigation Initiative (CMI), which includes research and understanding of storage of CO2 in deep aquifers, carbon capture, transition to a hydrogen-plus-electricity economy, and how accurately carbon-cycle science predicts the consequences of human interventions.

Chinese Academy of Sciences
Clean Energy was set up as an ambitious partnership with the Chinese Academy of Science to fund the development of clean energy technologies at several of the leading CAS institutes in China over a 10-year period.

International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association
IPIECA's mission is to develop and promote scientifically sound, cost-effective, practical, and socially acceptable solutions to global petroleum industry environmental issues. IPIECA is developing guidelines to enable oil companies to produce reliable, credible, and comparable greenhouse gas inventories.

CO2 Capture Project
BP is leading a collaborative project between nine international energy companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through development of advanced CO2 separation and geologic storage technologies.

Rice University
The Center's mission is to create an interdisciplinary program of education, research, and outreach to address the role of the private sector in implementing a sustainable future.


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