Oil and Gas - Letters of Intent/Agreements

Answering the Challenge: A U.S. Oil and Natural Gas Industry Initiative on Climate Change

Through its leading trade association, the American Petroleum Institute, the U.S oil and natural gas industry is implementing an initiative to address climate change. API's Climate Challenge Programs feature three components:

The API Climate Action Challenge focuses on strategies for reducing emissions. Under the Climate Action Challenge, companies are taking action to reduce, sequester, offset, or avoid their greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, under the Challenge, API-member refining companies are working to improve their energy efficiency by 10% by 2012 and are on track to meeting this goal.

The API Climate R&D Challenge involves support for enhanced research and development leading to new and improved technologies as part of a longer-term effort to reduce or sequester GHG emissions. Current areas of effort include energy efficiency, alternative energy technologies, and carbon capture and sequestration technologies.

The API Climate Greenhouse Gas Estimation & Reporting Challenge is implementing more robust methods for calculating, reporting, and tracking emissions industry-wide. API has been a leader in developing truly accurate greenhouse gas emissions estimating tools and is working to get its Compendium adopted world-wide so one consistent estimating tool covers oil and gas operations throughout the world.

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  • American Petroleum Institute Commitment Letter (PDF 147 KB)
  • American Petroleum Institute Climate Challenge Program (PDF 405 KB)


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