Oil and Gas - GHG Information

Prior to developing the API Compendium of GHG Emissions Methodologies for the Oil and Gas Industry (PDF 14.6 MB), API reviewed a wide range of government estimates of greenhouse gas emissions from the oil and gas industry as well as existing and widely used methodologies for estimating emissions from our industry's operations. This review made it quite clear that while existing data and methods may be adequate for national-level estimates of greenhouse gas emissions, they were inadequate for developing reliable facility- and company-specific estimates of greenhouse gas emissions from oil and gas operations. Download Acrobat Reader

The Compendium is used by industry to assess its greenhouse gas emissions.
Working with a number of other international associations as well as international standard setting organizations, API has also developed and adopted a complete set of guidelines for estimating and reporting greenhouse gas emissions from the highly complex oil and gas operations that exist worldwide. This new set of guidelines is intended to be used in countries throughout the world, regardless of their policies on climate. The industry hopes its Compendium will become the preferred vehicle for measuring GHG emissions industry-wide and will improve on existing government estimates. In addition to the Compendium, API offers software for emissions estimation and inventory, and guidelines (created by the international petroleum organization IPIECA) to assist in the accounting and reporting of emissions.


Page Last Modified:   August 7, 2008