Forest Products - Letters of Intent/Agreements

American Forest & Paper Association LogoThe American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) supports the Climate VISION initiative to address climate change through enhanced research in technology and science, incentives, and voluntary efforts from all sectors of the American economy. The members of AF&PA have undertaken a series of programs through which they are collectively committed to meeting the President's intensity reduction goals. These programs include inventorying and reporting on greenhouse gases, actions to enhance sequestration in managed forests and products, development and implementation of improved technologies, efforts to improve energy efficiency, use of cogeneration and increased use of renewable energy, and recycling. AF&PA expects that these programs will reduce the forest products industry's greenhouse gas intensity by 12% by 2012 relative to 2000.

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  • American Forest & Paper Association Commitment Letter
    (PDF 135 KB)
  • American Forest & Paper Association 2004 Affirmation Letter
    (PDF 237 KB)


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