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The following publications are available for download as Adobe PDF documents. Download Acrobat Reader.

Chemicals Annual Report (PDF 509 KB)
This report provides a summary of activities and R&D projects in fiscal year 2004. Order the Annual Report from the ITP Clearinghouse at 1-800-862-2086.

Chemical Industry of the Future Tools & Publications
The Industrial Technologies Program offers a wide array of publications, videos, software, and other information products for improving energy efficiency in the chemical industry.

Chemical Bandwidth Study Analyzes Energy Savings Opportunities
ITP's Chemicals portfolio works with the chemical industry to develop energy-efficient technologies. Read this report (PDF 1.16 MB)

New Report on Hybrid Separations and Distillation Technologies Highlights Opportunities for Energy and Emissions Reduction
ITP has released a report identifying research opportunities for both hybrid and distillation technologies that could lead to large reductions in energy use and environmental emissions. Read this report (PDF 269 KB)

Chemical Plant Finds Potential for Nearly $7.7 Million in Annual Savings
As a part of an ongoing effort to reduce energy usage at Rohm and Haas Company's Deer Park, Texas, facility, a pinch analysis was conducted on the major production processes. Read this report (PDF 607 KB)

Formosa Plastics Plant-Wide Assessment Uncovers Ways to Save $1.5 Million per Year in Energy Costs
A plant-wide assessment at Formosa Plastics Corporation's facility in Point Comfort, Texas, uncovered cost-saving opportunities that could reduce the plant's total energy bill.

DOE Industrial Technologies Program Introduces Three New Software Assessment Tools
DOE's Industrial Technologies Program offers industry a suite of assessment and analysis software tools to help you identify key opportunities for reducing costs, saving energy and improving the performance of industrial energy systems.

Now Available: Technology Roadmap for Energy Loss Reduction and Recovery
The ITP Industrial Energy Systems Program has released a roadmap outlining R&D priorities for energy systems that are used throughout industry. Read this report (PDF 836 KB)

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Case Studies

The following case studies are available for download as Adobe PDF documents. Download Acrobat Reader.

Chemical Sector Case Studies

  • Compressed Air System Optimization Saves Energy and Improves Production at Synthetic Textile Plant (PDF 278 KB)
  • Control Scheme Modifications Increase Efficiency of Steam Generation System at ExxonMobil Gas Plant (PDF 187 KB)
  • Improved Steam Trap Maintenance Increases System Performance and Decreases Operating Costs (PDF 235 KB)
  • Modernizing Controls Reduces Steam Consumption at ExxonMobil Chemical Plant (PDF 286 KB)
  • New Steam Turbine Saves Chemical Manufacturer $2.3 Million Annually (PDF 401 KB)
  • Optimizing Electric Motor Systems at a Corporate Campus Facility
    (PDF 192 KB)
  • Reducing Steam Header Pressure Provides Attractive Operating Cost Savings (PDF 199 KB)
  • Reducing Steam Pressure Saves $42,000 Annually at Vulcan Chemicals (PDF 216 KB)
  • Rohm and Haas Plant-Wide Assessment at Knoxville, TN Plant (PDF 765 KB)

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Chemical Industry of the Future CD
The Chemical Industry of the Future CD provides resources and tools to help managers, plant operators, and financial officers make important decisions to save energy and reduce costs. Click on the link above for a more detailed description of the CD and to learn how to obtain a copy.

Texas Technology Showcase CDs
The Texas Technology Showcase featured industrial technologies and best energy management practices of interest to chemical plants and refineries that result in increased energy efficiency, reduced emissions, and improved competitive and environmental performance.





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