Cement - Technology Pathways

The DOE's Industries of the Future process helps entire industries articulate their long-term goals and publish them in a unified vision for the future. To achieve that vision, industry leaders jointly define detailed R&D agendas known as roadmaps. ITP relies on roadmap-defined priorities to target cost-shared solicitations and guide development of a balanced R&D portfolio that yields useful results in the near, mid, and long term.

Industry Vision & Roadmaps

Two documents address the cement industry's challenges and priorities: Vision 2030, which outlines broad goals for the future, and Roadmap 2030, which established the industry's R&D priorities. ITP and the Strategic Development Council, a council of the American Concrete Institute's Concrete Research and Education Foundation, facilitated both documents. Members of the Portland Cement Association participated in the development of the Vision and Roadmap documents.

The following documents are available for download as Adobe PDF documents.
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Vision 2030: A Vision for U.S. Concrete Industry (PDF 145 KB)
January 2001

Roadmap 2030: The U.S. Concrete Industry Technology Roadmap (PDF 625 KB)
December 2002




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