Business Roundtable - Work Plans

Business Roundtable LogoBusiness Roundtable is an association of 160 leading CEOs of companies with 4.5 trillion dollars in annual revenue and employing nearly 10 million people. While we are leading the way on many fronts, our commitment to a sustainable future is our top priority.

Our work on Climate RESOLVE (Responsible Environmental Steps, Opportunities to Lead by Voluntary Efforts),  mobilizes the resources and expertise of the Roundtable member companies behind the goal of enhanced action to control greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improve the GHG intensity of the U.S. economy.  We are pleased that the vast majority of our members are participating in Climate RESOLVE.  A complete list of our Climate RESOLVE members is available on our website.

Roundtable CEOs believe that motivated, forward-looking companies working in partnership with government can find many practical, cost-effective opportunities to improve energy efficiency and reduce, avoid, offset or sequester GHG emissions - without serious economic disruption. 

A supplement to the Climate RESOLVE program is our effort to mobilize companies to embrace strategies and projects that promote Social responsibility, improve the Environment and grow the Economy — now and for future generations. S.E.E. Change (Society, Environment, Economy) is an unprecedented initiative that demonstrates how business and economic growth are compatible with strong commitments to society and the environment.  To help companies measure and report performance, S.E.E. Change encourages companies to adopt sustainability metrics to measure progress.

Please visit our website at to learn about our many efforts to help companies reduce GHGs and promote a sustainable future through better business in a better world.


Page Last Modified:   August 7, 2008