Plant Assessments

Plant-Wide Assessments
Plant-wide assessments are one way to work with the DOE Industrial Technologies Program—most companies realize a minimum of $1 million in annual energy savings after just one assessment. Plants are selected through a competitive solicitation process, and agree to a minimum 50% cost-share for implementing the assessment. An industry-defined team conducts an on-site analysis of total energy use and identifies opportunities to save energy in your overall operations and in motor, steam, compressed air, and process heating systems. The recommendations could include implementing emerging technologies that would be particularly effective in your operation. These emerging technologies, although on the forefront of industrial manufacturing, are successful and commercially proven.

Energy Productivity and Waste Assessments (Industrial Assessment Centers)
If you run a small- to medium-sized manufacturing facility with gross annual sales below $75 million and fewer than 500 employees at the plant site, you may be especially interested in an IAC energy and waste assessment. IAC assessments are a no-cost, on-site visit to your plant to identify potential savings opportunities. A team of engineering faculty and students from a participating university in your area assesses your plant and recommends ways you can improve efficiency.

Page Last Modified:   August 20, 2008