Advanced Clean Coal Workshop

Objective: Industry and government discussion of key issues and policy options related to deploying clean coal power plants in the marketplace.

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July 29, 2004
EEI Conference Center
701 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC

8:15 Welcome from Host
Thomas Kuhn, President, EEI

Opening (Context & Goals) & Introduction
Larisa Dobriansky, DOE
Kyle McSlarrow, Deputy Secretary, DOE
James E. Rogers, Chairman, Cinergy

8:45 Framing the Risks and Challenges for Commercial Clean Coal Plants
  • Results of Risk Framework Analysis, David Berg, DOE (PDF 267 KB)
  • Cost Comparison of IGCC and Advanced Clean Coal Plants, Stu Dalton, EPRI (PDF 684 KB)
  • CURC Perspective on Deployment, Ben Yamagata, CURC (PDF 181 KB)
  • Environmental Issues (regulatory, permits, compliance), Jeff Holmstead, EPA
  • FE Comments, Mark MAddox, DOE/FE (PDF 581 KB)
Roundtable Discussion
Moderators: Deputy Secretary Kyle McSlarrow, DOE, and Jim Rogers, CEO Chairman, Cinergy

10:15 Break

10:30 Case Studies on Clean Coal Projects
  • Case Studies/Lessons Learned on Clean Coal Plants (to illustrate risk and finance issues):
    • IGCC Plant Experience at Polk Power Station, Mark Hornick, TECO (PDF 339 KB)
    • Proposed WE Energy IGCC: Lessons Learned, Steve Derenne, WE Energy (PDF 653 KB)
    • Proposed Mesabe IGCC Plant in Deluth, MN, Julie Jorgensen, Excelsior (PDF 786 KB)
    • 3-Party Covenant, Bill Rosenberg, Harvard University (PDF 489 KB)
  • Environmental NGO Perspective, David Hawkins, NRDC (PDF 475 KB)
11:30 Roundtable Discussion of Case Studies: Major Impediments and Opportunities
Moderator: Andy Paterson

12:30 Working Lunch: Public - Private Investment Perspectives on Clean Coal
  • IGCC Outlooks, Steve Cheng & Pierre Bosse, CSFB (PDF 490 KB)
  • Impact on Incentives of Power Company Accounting Policies, Joe Vandenberg, Deloitte (PDF 332 KB)
  • Outlook on Risks and Financing: Rating Agency Viewpoint, Denise Furey, Fitch (PDF 236 KB)
  • PUC Perspective, Carol Murphy, Commissioner, NJ NARUC
  • Legal Issues: Risk Sharing and Financing Options, Bob Nordhaus, Van Ness Feldman (PDF 168 KB)
2:15 Roundtable Discussion: What Approaches Will Work?

Summary of Major Discussion Points
James Rogers, Larisa Dobriansky

4:30 Adjourn

Event Sponsors
Coal Utilization Research Council
United States Department of Energy
Edison Electric Institute
National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners

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